For Manufacturers

Shakuni_is_master_of_Dice_GameFLGS carries role-playing games, board games, collectible card games, miniatures games, and comics. We also stock supporting accessories for all of these items. We have a reasonable balance between the categories, with CCGs being the best-selling category and comics being our current lowest-volume. If you have a product that you’d like to submit for our consideration, we would love to hear from you!

You should:

  • Submit a sell sheet, brochure or other info by mail, or email attachment. Please don’t send a copy of the game unless it is specifically requested.
  • Send us an e-mail describing your product, your marketing, and terms.

You do not need to be in distribution, but if you have only one product and it’s not a quick seller, the shipping costs are likely to outweigh the benefit of selling it. We recommend that you go through distribution for that.


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