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We’re Growing

Posted On Sep 13 2014 by

FLGS will soon be moving to a suite in the same shopping center. What’s new? Twice the space is what’s new. Some of it will be behind the scenes, but the main difference is that the store will get more space for gaming. That’s more comfort, more room for new games, and less clutter to get in the way. You can’t lose us. We’re only moving about twenty feet to the right (as you’re facing the store). It’s just three doors down and our sandwich sign will be out on the sidewalk. We’ll keep the announcements coming, including the exact …

Your Friendly Local Game Store

Posted On Oct 29 2013 by

Now entering our second year, and things are exploding! FLGS is dedicated to bringing games to players and vice-versa. We have a large gaming area, a wide variety of games, and a focus on bringing players together for games. If there’s something you want to play, we’ll help you find somebody to play it with. Finding Other Players We have many tools to help you find other gamers. We have a bulletin board in the store. We participate in several Meetups where you can find players by game category: one for card games, one for role-playing, one for board games, …