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FLGS launched in 2012 and debuted our first storefront in 2013. Just about a year later, we moved into a larger space in the same center to accommodate all of our valued customers. We added tables for RPG’s, miniature painting, board and/or card games and more. We are Jacksonville’s premier game store!

Facade sign closeupFLGS is owned and operated by Jacksonville native Lloyd Brown. Lloyd has many years of experience in the gaming and retail environment, and knows just about everything about RPG’s, card games, board games, mini’s, gaming accessories, and comics.

If you’re an avid or experienced gamer, come join a scheduled game, or sign up to run a game. If you are new to gaming and don’t know where to start, ask Lloyd or any of our helpful, knowledgeable staff. Gaming is a fun hobby and a great way to make new friends. We have demos and regularly scheduled games for all experience levels.

Visit us at:

Friendly Local Game Store
5517 Roosevelt Blvd.
Jacksonville FL 32244

Call us at: 904.503.8061

Hours of Operation
Daily – 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday Only – 11:00 AM to Midnight

E-mail us anytime.calligraphy pen and paper


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